Facade Engineering.

We work in partnership with manufacturers, architects, and specialist facade contractors to deliver structural design calculations that often add drama and impact to buildings.
The Company Has a diverse range of technical skills and decades of hands-on experience in the façade industry including façade applications like Curtain Walling &Cladding, Glazing & composite panels, Aluminium, Timer & Steel structures, Roofing & Rainwater, Facia& Soffit, Coping & Capping, Flashing & Gutter, Lightweight Steel Framing and feature elements such as Balconies, Balustrades, Canopies, Louvers, Brise soleil, Fins, Baguettes etc. together with any Secondary Steel Support.

Structural Engineering.

NFE STRUCTURAL provide Design & structural calculations services for different Building Envelope applications:
Curtain Wallings & Glassings | Claddings & composite panels |Roofings & Rainwater|Fascials & Soffits |Cappings & Copings | Flashings |Gutters | Balconies & Balustrades | Canopies | Louvers & Brise-soleil | Fins | Secondary Steel Support & Lightweight Steel Fram

Engineering Reports.

Structural Engineering Reports Have been broken down into with tow Simple packages.
Design package: Our Structural Engineering report includes detailed structural calculations for all elements including Wind load Analysis, Final Element Analysis of the facade components and theirs bracketry supports.The Report is structured to have a summary document for all element sizes and specifications made easy for relevant parties involved.
Grafting package: Our Grafting Package includes plans and detailed drawings with sectional viewpoints of proposed structure and all structural elements in relation to one another. This package is structured to provide extensive construction information with detailed information and step-by-step processes.

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