Curtain Walling

We design all types of curtain walling and partner with Manufractureur, Architect, and specialist facade contractors to deliver bestpoke strucutral design calculations report.

We offer complete or part of Glass & Glazing Design and Calculations Services to all types of glazing and facade companies who are looking to outsource design and Calculations requirements. Our services include: glass & glazing thicknesses, suitable framing materials, wind & live load calculations, and any associated fixings required.

Site Attendance & Consultation We can attend site on your behalf and represent your company to carry out many tasks on site, including: taking measurements, assessing site conditions and product suitability.

Design & Project ManagementIf required, we can take on the design and project management of your contract through to completion, which may include attending site, meeting with architects & builders, client & supplier liaison.

NFE provides:

Structural Design Calculations can be provided in conventional report format, or alternatively calculation spreadsheets, re-useable design methodologies, macros or bespoke software can be developed as required.

In summary NFE Structural provides a credible, reliable and cost-effective source for all forms of engineering design calculations. Our structural calculations can be used to design, qualify and approve engineering design or to resolve corporate disputes. NFE also develops robust design procedures and bespoke design software.

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