Windload and Snowload calculations  Windload and Snowload calculations 
Facade Structural Calculation and verification of brackets Structural design Calculation
Facade Product Design (Coping assessment)  Steel, Concrete & Timber Design
Curtain wall design (Stick, Unitised, SSG)  SFS (Cold Roll Steel Design)
Rainscreen Cladding & Roofing Design  Structural Analysis 
Structural Calculation Balustrade Glass  Stress Analysis 
Kingspan Insulated Wall Systems  Finite Element Analysis 
Windows & Doors   Facade Thermal Analysis 
Composite panel Design QA Site Inspections


  • Aluminium curtain walling, (Conventional & Unitized) windows and doors.
  • Suspended glass assemblies.
  • Roof lights and skylights.
  • Aluminium cladding (Flat, honeycomb and composite).
  • Stainless steel cladding.
  • Balustrades and handrails.
  • Architectural metal work.
  • Point fixed glazing.
  • Partitions.
  • Doors and windows (Stainless steel, bullet resistant, fire resistant).
  • Blast resistant facades.
  • Cast aluminium decorative mashrabias, screens, lighting posts, street furniture etc…
  • Automatic doors (Sliding, hinged and revolving).
  • Retractable roofs.
  • Specialist decorative and architectural glass.
  • Coatings.
  • Retractable roofs.