Structual Glass Analysis

We have expertise in designing bolted glass assemblies, using finite element analysis to model glass behaviour and provide accurate information on the stresses and deflection of the panels.

The preparation of detailed engineering calculations and substantiation documentation is a crucial part of most engineering design projects. During detailed design performance and sizing calculations are vital to ensure the rapid convergence of the design to a physically viable solution. When introducing new products many industries also require detailed calculations of structural strength and performance to be completed as part of the product acceptance and qualification procedure.

NFE Structural provides all forms of independent engineering calculations, for design, qualification, dispute resolution and many other applications. We work to any relevant international standards.

NFE provides:

Structural Design Calculations can be provided in conventional report format, or alternatively calculation spreadsheets, re-useable design methodologies, macros or bespoke software can be developed as required.

In summary NFE Structural provides a credible, reliable and cost-effective source for all forms of engineering design calculations. Our structural calculations can be used to design, qualify and approve engineering design or to resolve corporate disputes. NFE also develops robust design procedures and bespoke design software.

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