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About Us

About us

NFE Structural is a comprehensive engineering firm Capable of Meeting our Client most challenging facade and structural design need it's NFE Structural's Commitment to Deliver quality engineering services at a value that can't be beaten!

At NFEStructural, we provide efficient designs focused on manufacturers, architects, specialist facade contractors, homeowners, and developers, to fulfill their requirements and expectations. 

our projects include:



    1 -     We work in partnership with manufacturers, architects and specialist facade contractors to deliver structural design calculations that often add drama and impact to buildings
    2 -     our team includes professionals with a diverse range of technical skills and decades of hands-on experience in the fa├žade industry
    3 -     To best meet out Client demands, we patners with world class talent worldwide in facade engineering, Structural Engneering, architecture, Cost Consultanting...
    4 -     We use a combination of out of the box thinking, and the latest technology to meet the needs of the modern construction industry.
    5-     through our partners we develop pre-construction Stage F design for tender, we also deliver construction and production design including BIM modeling for select facade sub-contractors.


To set a new Benchmark in the facade industry by providing innovative design & engineering solutions that deal with the latest developments in the facade industry

  1. To have an extraordinary network of partners and Clients, in which it gives us the opportunity for a continuous and sustainable growth.
  2. To focus on daily efforts to have the best and most reliable services in two directions: to our Clients and to our Partners.
  3. NFE Structural is dedicated to build long-term relationships with customers through quality work and customer support by providing a quick and high-quality service.